Empowerment sessions for women.

Melissa Hohaia and Natalie Pickering are excited to be offering empowerment sessions for women.

Would you like to know more?
Are you a woman who is confused about her cycle and wants to know more about managing her hormones?
During Session One we will spend two hours demystifying your menstrual cycle, our aim is to give you the tools to say goodbye to period pain, heavy periods, hormonal acne, breast pain, mood swings and more!  We will be delving into the depths of your cycle and discussing topics not commonly discussed – our aim is that you walk away feeling empowered and enlightened.  It is a powerful thing to understand what it is that makes us women.
Future sessions will be held for women interested in understanding all stages of womanhood from puberty to menopause, fertility and preconception, pregnancy, post-natal health, breastfeeding, and motherhood.  So stay on the look-out for future sessions.
For more information see the poster below and email us –womanlywisdomsessions@gmail.com to express your interest in being a part of our Womanly Wisdom.