Useful Links

We think the following websites have interesting and useful information relating to the exciting and rapidly growing field of Complementary Medicine.

  • – the website of the Australian Natural Therapists Association Ltd. (ANTA). ANTA is Australia’s premier professional organisation for natural therapists. Access by the general public is encouraged.
  • – the Healthworld company website. Based in Queensland, Healthworld and sister company Metagenics are probably the largest and highly-respected complementary medicine manufacturers in the southern hemisphere and are supplier to Perth Natural Clinic of a large range of products.
  • – Healthworld’s range of practitioner-only products. 
  • – the website of the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine
  • – a comprehensive  website about Thyroid conditions
  • – the Mediherb company – manufacturer of an extensive range of highly-effective herbal remedies as supplied to Perth Natural Medical Clinic.
  • – a valuable site for cancer sufferers needing support.
  • – Dr Barry Sears’ Zone website. Letters, forums, information and recipes regarding the popular Zone diet. Lots of information for Zoners in the “ask Dr Sears/ past questions” area.
  • – Dr Sears was affiliated with this site but now has his own. Lots of interesting information, support and great recipes.
  • – for followers of low carbohydrate regimes, this site has lots of great low carb recipes. Somewhat American but the recipes can be easily adapted.
  • – Dr James D’Adamo’s website. Latest information, letters, forums, recipes regarding the popular blood type diets.
  • – website of the International Vegetarian Union – lots of great vegetarian recipes.
  • – American site with lots of non-dairy recipes and information.
  • – a great new site with heaps of information about organic foods.
  • – Australian Association of Massage Therapy – website designed to give helpful information, insight and knowledge into massage and massage therapy in Australia.
  • – Reflexology Association of Australia
  • Sole to Soul Maternity Reflexology