PNMC’s Coronavirus Action Plan

Just a quick note from us to let you know we have an action plan in place to continue to support you in response to the World Health Organizations pandemic announcement.

• At PNMC we are adding extra wipe downs of doorknobs, desks, benches, taps, toilet seats and buttons with disinfectant
• We have anti-bacterial soap in our toilets, are diffusing anti-viral oils throughout the clinic and are providing hand sanitiser in reception.
• Staff who show signs of sniffles, coughs and fever will stay at home for a period of 14 days. Likewise, we ask clients to stay home if they feel the same, please let us know as soon as you feel ill, we will simply change your appointment to a phone or online appointment.
• We will be removing all toys from reception and consultation rooms.
• We please ask that you pay pass your own credit card if using it for payment.
• We are in contact with suppliers to maintain our stocks of practitioner grade immune supporting and anti-viral products and remedies in anticipation of the growing demand.
• We have added a Quick Immune Support Only consultation as a service to our community. Many of you have pre-existing conditions or health history that needs to be accounted for in creating a treatment or prevention plan. As experienced practitioners we want you to receive the right advice and get through these worrying times relatively with minimal impact.


Please do not come in to the clinic, DON’T BE ALARMED, WE CAN STILL SUPPORT YOU - we are well organised to provide your consultation by phone or online, your remedies will be posted on the same day.Current advice is to isolate yourself for 14 days if you have returned from overseas travel. This doesn’t mean you remain unsupported. Reach out to us to develop an immune supporting treatment plan, or if you are symptomatic, we can support you to recover quickly and reduce the severity of symptoms along with your GP’s advice. If you have returned from overseas travel we strongly ask you to make a phone or online consultation as symptoms may not appear for up to 14 days.
We are working on an action plan forward to meet the needs of our patients. At a time where our world is uncertain it is ever so important we continue to keep our body and immune system strong with Naturopathic care. We are available to support you in the safest way we can. Should you suspect yourself or anyone in your family has Coronavirus or you have questions please call the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline 1800 020 080. More information is available on Australian Government Department of Health website :-