ND, ABAAHP Diplomate

Naturopath/Anti-Ageing Practitioner
Member, Australian Natural Therapists Association
Member, Australasian Academy Of Anti-Ageing Medicine

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Lesley Oakes

Areas of Expertise:

Lesley is a Naturopath and Board Certified Anti-Ageing Health Practitioner with Australian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine. Lesley is also Australia’s first naturopath to achieve Board Certification from the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine. She is a Fellow of the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

Whilst known for her caring, professional manner and a long history of successfully treating patients, Lesley believes in embracing new technology to accurately assist in analysing body systems.

Her passion lies in the area of anti-ageing, vitality and longevity which is concerned with decreasing the risk of all illnesses and conditions associated with accelerated ageing such as fatigue, weight gain, heart disease, inflammatory conditions, dementia, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis etc.

Lesley specialises in optimising hormone and thyroid balance using advanced laboratory testing to develop treatment protocols to assist with hormonal imbalances and declining hormone levels associated with ageing. Adequate levels and an appropriate balance of hormones are necessary for maintaining optimal health and wellbeing in both males and females. Her areas of expertise also include weight management and Bio-Impedance analysis testing.

Lesley believes that with proper assessment, monitoring and coaching, the body’s metabolism can be shifted favorably, energy levels Improved , the risk of accelerated ageing can be avoided and that early testing and treatment protocols can help maintain good health for as long as possible, increasing your health span, not just your lifespan.

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