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Edward Enever – Cancer and your health

Being diagnosed with cancer is probably the biggest challenge anyone could be faced with in their lifetime. The unfortunate truth is that almost 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer before they reach 85, with the most common forms of cancer being breast, colon, prostate, melanoma and lung. When diagnosed, you are faced with the difficult decision of whether to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, followed by a series of specialist oncology appointments and blood tests. The resulting stress that this can have on you and your family is immense; that’s why, Perth Natural Medical Clinic also specialises in offering cancer patient support at our Perth clinic. Contact us to book an appointment.

A holistic approach to managing cancer

Cancer is more than just a physical disease, it can also affect your mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial and familial health. To properly support someone on their cancer journey, a holistic approach is essential, and natural therapies can play an integral role. From stress support and counselling to specialised supplementation and supportive methods, we’ll help you get the most out of your oncology treatments with more efficacy and less side effects, Perth Natural Medical Clinic, with its broad range of specialist practitioners, is the premier natural health medical clinic in Perth, and will help make the cancer journey as smooth as possible. On board are two of Perth’s most experienced practitioners whose clinical focus is supporting people with cancer. We’ll also introduce you to the local cancer support community who can provide emotional and empathetic support.

There are two cancer support associations operating in WA. Both provide support counselling, education about cancer, a library service, treatments such as massage from accredited complimentary therapists, bereavement counselling, lectures and fund raising events to support cancer patients and their families. Contact the Cancer Wellness Centre.

Cancer patient support

Val Allen Dip.Ed., ND, the clinics founder and ‘grandmother’ of Natural Therapies in Western Australia, has been supporting people with cancer for over 37 years and brings a level of experience and expertise that cannot be matched. Val has selected some of the best health practitioners in Perth to practice from the clinic, providing a comprehensive array of clinicians to support your health.

Edward Enever Adv.Dip.(Nat) focuses on supporting people on their cancer journey and is affiliated with the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute in the United States, offering their support protocol to the southern hemisphere. Edward is also a passionate meditation teacher and has trained with the Gawler Foundation.

Mindfulness based stillness meditation course

Edward conducts an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation Course to help arm cancer patients and their families with the tools to control the stress of being diagnosed with cancer. Edward was himself diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer and spent almost two years journeying back to health. He is now cancer free. During this time, he learned much about health, disease and cancer support and now uses this experience to help others achieve the best health outcomes possible.

Breast cancer care

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the general population and the second leading cause of cancer death in Australian women. Breast cancer can occur at any age, but the risk is greater if you are over the age of 50. We offer a holistic approach to managing breast cancer, with natural therapies, specialist breast cancer practitioners and ongoing support.

Autoimmune Disease Diet

There are 80 or more disorders classed as autoimmune diseases where the body’s normal defence system that usually detects infection, injuries or foreign invaders is disrupted and the signalling between cells is corrupted so the body’s immune system attacks itself. This creates inflammation and responses that can vary from arthritis to cancer. By addressing the causes that contribute to this disruption, it is possible to reverse this impact and help restore normal immune functioning. Lifestyle and diet play a major role, however genetic factors also play a part.

Stress, insomnia, smoking, nutritional deficiencies, insufficiently chewing food, toxic chemicals in the environment, mercury fillings and unhappiness have been identified as known antagonists for the immune system.

Eat regularly

It is very important to eat regularly – either three moderately sized meals or five small meals if your digestion is compromised. Each meal should contain a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates – especially fibre rich vegetables or fruit, nuts, seeds and tolerated grains and a small amount of good fats.

The correct quantity of protein for each meal should be the size and thickness of the individual’s palm of their hand. This could be fish, tofu, protein powder, eggs, chia seeds, natural yoghurt if tolerated, lean poultry or meat if tolerated or combinations of pulses/grains providing complete proteins.

Cancer can be crippling, but it doesn’t have to be. you. Contact us for the best support and to find out how to best manage your cancer journey.