Podiatry Perth

Perth Natural Medical Clinic’s Podiatrist is:-

Christabelle Phillips B.Sc.(U.W.A.), B.Sc.Pod.(Curtin)., M.A.Pod.A.


What is Podiatry?

Podiatrists offer a professional diagnosis and suggest and provide treatment for FOOT, ANKLE and related LOWER LEG and BACK PROBLEMS. Podiatrists are university trained health professionals and are trained to treat a range of conditions.

What are the range of services that a Podiatrist offers?

  • General foot care for corns, callouses and nail problems
  • Sporting and occupational-related injuries with recommendations on selection of appropriate footware
  • Minor surgery, if required, under local anaestheric
  • Review of “mechanical complaints” such as bunions, heel spurs, shin splints, knee pain and some causes of back pain.
  • Diabetic care – essential for assessment of circulation nerve function and other related potential risks caused by diabetes
  • Referral if necessary to other health professionals if an integrated medical approach is required to manage the problem.

Did you know?

  • You have 28 bones in each of your feet
  • Your feet will take an average of 7,000 steps every day
  • Your feet will transport you about 120,000 km in your lifetime
  • A little regular care will help to ensure that your feet will perform these tasks without breakdown
  • You do not need a Doctor’s referral to see a podiatrist
  • Remember – you can buy another pair of shoes, but you cannot buy another pair of feet!


At what age should children’s feet be examined?

Experience has shown that it is best to assess children’s foot concerns at the earliest possible time. Early recognition of any “gait” or “foot posture” problems have a better chance of being remedied by focussing on early advice and/or treatment.

Podiatry consultations are covered by all major health funds.