“I have been a patient of Val Allen’s for 26 years. During that time I have been privileged to receiving professional treatment direction guidance and FSM treatment allowing George and myself to experience better health.
In 2002 my husband George had a cardiac arrest causing Cerebral Ischaemic Hypoxia damage George’s condition left our family with a very daunting situation. I chose to become George’s full time carer, however without the continual professional care received from Val this wouldn’t have been possible. I am and always will be eternally grateful as are all our family. Barbara Beeck and Jacinta Shilling have also assisted me. Barbara with Remedial Massage and Jacinta’s acupuncture, all of this has resulted in my healing. PNMC are truly a team when Val is away when I have been fortunate to have Sam Botica and Lesley Oakes to attend to my needs. Last but not least the reception staff who are our first contact always leave a first class impression meeting our many needs at all times in between appointments, phone calls are attended and again our needs met.
To all at PNMC, thank you for keeping me in good health and positive especially Val. I am eternally grateful and will always appreciate everything that has been done for me & our family.”