“A Naturopath recommended that we see Edward Enever as he specialises in patients with cancer. My husband had pancreatic cancer that had just started to metastasize. That was about six months ago.
Edward began by providing us with practical information that no one else had ever mentioned. He told us that we could get financial and day to day help from the cancer council and even from social security. He has always been positive and provided the only “light” on our journey. He talks of saving your life and of understanding your cancer in order to destroy it.
Strap yourself in you are going on an incredible journey with Edward. He is hugely knowledgeable and very very bright. Edward gave us an enormous amount of verbal and written information about the NORI Protocol and gave us a few weeks because there is a lot to understand.
My husband then started on the NORI diet and Edwards supplements, we had already spent thousands of dollars on various infusions and supplements and we were grateful that Edwards were far cheaper.
The NORI diet is hard to stick to particularly as my husband was still doing chemo. It is very restrictive and my husband just felt progressively worse and worse but Edward didn’t waver he kept saying that if my husband was suffering then his cancer was also. The chemo he was on is a particularly harsh one and I believe most of the lethargy and feeling of unwellness was due to chemo. NORI is hard but you have nothing to lose by sticking with it except of course your cancer.
Last week we had the results of my husband’s latest PET scan. We are still in shock and afraid to believe it, but the scan was CLEAR. The oncologist has put my husband on a “wait and watch” program with no chemo but monthly blood tests to check his progress.
Edward now has my husband on a vegan, whole food diet with a day or two a week on the NORI diet with of course his supplements. We are hopeful and Edward has emphasized the importance now of BALANCING my husband’s life, my husband is totally caught up in the practical, logical side of life and just doesn’t understand anything ethereal or out of the box, but as Edward has explained, if his life becomes more balanced he has a greater chance of keeping the cancer away. My husband is starting to do this by getting back to daily meditation and of course ongoing guidance from Edward.
Edward has literally saved my husband’s life.”