‘Before I met Lesley, I was given a bit of the run arounds and told that rest was all I could do for my diagnosis of chronic fatigue. Prior to seeing Lesley, I was a walking zombie. I couldn’t concentrate, weak, fragile, lethargic, with frequent stomach upsets, overall body aches and head aches, that left me incapable of doing anything. My cousin recommended I see Lesley as he had seen her in the past. It was the best decision I’d made. After only a month on the treatment she gave me, I noticed a major difference. My energy levels improved, my focus was clearer, I was able to function more normally and hold a conversation with people. Months later my stomach pains are gone, I’m back to full strength and I feel normal again. I am forever grateful for Lesley’s assistance. I recommend her to anyone who is in the same state as I was.’

Kind regards