“I met Edward a few weeks back after being recommend to see him from another friend. When you find out you have that c word (cancer) your mind goes into a flip and state of fear. With what the medical people told me I was even more worried about treatment. I was able to cry and unload at Edward, who then was so compassionate and understanding. He explained it all to me in simple words and made a life changing time seem not bleak. As I was unsure of what to do and what way to turn I now have a wonderful cancer coach helping me alongside the doctor’s to beat this with a higher success rate, positive mindset and stress free. Now for any other health issues I would be contacting Edward myself for further advice. A gentle, knowledgeable man who doesn’t make you feel like you’re just a number in the health industry and you’re on a time limit with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for yourself or family members”.