Helen H  “My doctor told me I had a thyroid problem and all I needed to do was take one pill a day for the rest of my life,as simple as that, but then why didn’t I feel any better?
I always believed that there must be a natural solution to everything in life, then I found Lesley Oakes & the Thyroflex test. Lesley took the time to understand my thyriod problem and why I need supplements to ensure all my hormones work in harmony. Without her guidance & amazing understanding,I would not be enjoying life as much as I do now, I freely recommend Lesley”

Colin W  “I first consulted Lesley Oakes some 20 years ago, and have had some stunning outcomes for complex conditions without having to resort to chemical drugs. Perth Natural Medical Clinic is an outstanding practice and I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Lynne “I would regard Lesley Oakes as my well-being watchdog – over the past 20-plus years, through my mid fifties onwards, I have kept fit and healthy thanks to very targeted advice at every instance help was needed. A most pleasant experience all round.”

Amy S “Lesley Oakes my Naturopath is amazing! She figured out what had been going on with my body that too many Dr’s had failed to diagnose. I am very grateful for Lesley listening, understanding and treating me. I would highly recommend her. The reception staff at the clinic have always been friendly and helpful too.”