After suffering most of my life with gut / bowel problems, I learnt from an early age that traditional medicine wasn’t going to help me.  I previously have been subject to a multitude of medical tests and prescribed medicines of which did not relieve the symptoms.  As such, I have previously seen several naturopaths over the years for assistance with good results.

The last 12mths have been a real struggle for me, recently diagnosed with menopause and then psoriatic arthritis which has had a terrible impact on my life.  Again, traditional medicine failed me as I had a terrible reaction to the prescribed medication from a Rheumatologist.  After much research, I contacted Perth Natural Medical Clinic and made an appointment to see Naturopath Lesley Oakes.  From my first consult with Lesley, I was excited and felt optimistic that we could control the arthritis naturally and finally sort my ongoing gut / bowel problems.

Lesley made recommendations for a gut health check / test of which was performed with great results.  Finally we had answers, and I was subsequently treated for parasites and bacteria in my gut which had an immediate / positive result.   Over the course of a few months Lesley addressed different issues with natural supplements, and again with positive results.

Thank you Lesley, your friendly and pragmatic approach was refreshing and has given me back quality of life again.  I look forward to continuing my recovery journey with you, and am excited about other improvements with time.

Kind regards