“Three years ago I met Edward for the first time after a long frustrating, futile journey seeking an answer from other healthcare providers which included seven medical doctors and specialists as well as four other naturopaths. After all this ‘toing and froing’ my doctor’s final conclusion was to suggest psychological assessment. When I met with Edward I suffered a multitude of symptoms that included severe headaches, fatigue, memory problems, mental fog, bloating, IBS, lack of the ability to concentrate, need for close toilet proximity, muscle weakness, dry skin, rashes and boils, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, giddiness, loss of balance, loss of confidence in improvement, thoughts of self-harm and the debilitating feelings of no light at the end of the tunnel. This lack of health made it impossible to conduct paid work, I was unreliable for meeting appointments and goals, it impaired the quality of relationships with my spouse and friends and I couldn’t even partake in my passion for the game of golf where I couldn’t last three holes even though I was determined to finish and just played painfully slow and scored poorly. After seeing all these numerous doctors and naturopaths I felt there was no prospect of improvement. I felt that their aims were to just treat isolated symptoms without regard for any underlying cause. I was in despair at the thought of having these symptoms for the rest of my life and had considered ending it all by other means. By chance I came across Edward and he helped me to see that there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. He was the only one out of all of the specialists, doctors and naturopaths that I had seen that actually had a true understanding of how the body worked and how to treat the body to bring about a whole body improvement. He provided me with an in depth questionnaire to fill out before I was to see him for the first time and within 20 seconds had isolated a major issue with my health. In 2000 I had had my thyroid removed and was place on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. My doctors had been happy with my thyroid hormone levels as they were all “within normal limits’ yet Edward could plainly see that in my physical, mental and emotional reality things were not nearly “normal”. Edward provided much advice but in particular he advised me to revisit my GP and ask to switch my thyroid medication. From this point my life and health started to turn around. I can now play 27 holes of golf, I can eat out and not suffer the debilitating consequences I had experienced in the past but, most importantly, I now have a life where I know that the future is a lot brighter than the one of the past”.