Perth Natural Medical Clinic

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Founded by Val Allen, one of Australia's leading naturopaths, our Perth Natural Medical Clinic has continually grown over the last 31 years.

Today, Val has a team of highly-qualified professionals comprising seven naturopaths specialising in natural therapy, nutrition, anti-ageing, cancer support, homoeopathy, fertility support, children's health, FSM treatment and herbal medicine; an holisitic medical doctor for general medical practice, specialising in hypnotherapy; a medical herbalist; two osteopaths; an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner; a podiatrist; a remedial therapist specialising in deep tissue massage, myopractic and Bowen therapy; a reflexologist; and a holistic counsellor.

Our aim is to help you live better, live longer and resist illness ...
we believe that we achieve this aim

Most of our business is created by referrals from our many patients and other professionals; this is how we have achieved our impressive Australia-wide reputation.

Please note the following services have had a slight price increase as of 1st July 2014:- Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Remedial Therapy & Holistic Counselling(Rebecca Dawson).

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What's Happening ...

Celebrating 30 years
Our clinic opened it's doors at 361 Lord St, Perth on 1st July 1984.
So, as of 1st July this year, we have been here for 30 years. Over that time we have treated 60,800 patients and have been a major player in helping Western Australia live better, live longer and resist illness.

Here's to the next 30 years!

Using new technology to provide better information about us
We are very conscious that more and more people recognise the importance of staying healthy and trying to correct health issues using natural approaches where possible.
We also recognise that stepping into an integrated medical clinic may be a little daunting, and that most people would like to know and see a bit more about this type of clinic before committing to making an appointment.
Our solution has been to provide a video tour of our clinic, hosted by myself, on our website and on Facebook to make you familiar with our premises, our services, our ethics, our professionalism and our team of dedicated practitioners.
To further help you in deciding which practitioner best meets your requirements, you can now watch videos of individual practitioners explaining their specialities.
We hope you enjoy the tour and please tell your friends and family about it!

Energy Alignment Acupuncture with Jacinta Shilling & Rebecca Dawson
An exciting new modality offered by Jacinta Shilling (Acupuncturist) and Rebecca Dawson (Energy Medicine Practitioner/Intuitive).
Take your treatment to a whole new level with Acupuncture designed to vibrationally realign the body, mind and emotions. Clear old physical and emotional patterns while simultaneously treating the body for any physical ailments.
Two practitioners, one complete treatment.
Includes assessment and energy treatment.
Call the clinic for available dates or times on 93289233.

Thyroflex™ Thyroid Testing is now available at PNMC.
A Thyroflex™ thyroid test identifies whether your thyroid is under or overactive, or within optimal range. Check the thyroid symptom survey to check if a thyroid test is suitable for you. Lesley Oakes is our practitioner handling Thyroflex™ thyroid testing.

Renew your healthy and vitality with a 6-week Detox Program
Feeling tired or lethargic, suffering from digestive problems or have you just simply overindulged this festive season? Feel fantastic again with Jacqui Lamplugh’s tailored 6-week Detox Program. Read more ...

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