About Us


After 40 years of hard work in generating the trust and belief of over 65,000 patients, we are proudly regarded as Western Australia’s home of Natural Medicine,  providing the highest standard of genuine holistic healthcare available.

The Perth Natural Medical Clinic as you see it today comes from the vision of its Founding Partner
Val Allen
, who set out to develop a clinic that could help people with all their health problems – minor or life threatening, or where they could simply seek advice for attaining optimum health. The vision was to put together a top team of dedicated professional practitioners operating harmoniously within such a clinic, who could effectively meet the physical and emotional needs of patients with the emphasis on care and the most important ability of being able to listen to their problems.

Integrative Medicine combines conventional and natural approaches, and the team includes naturopaths, holistic general practitioners, homoeopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, remedial therapists, reflexologists, podiatrists and counsellors, who collectively address patients’ health problems by consulting together, where necessary, to ensure that their treatments are complementary and co-ordinated; this is the very essence of Integrated Medicine.

Our emphasis is on caring deeply for our patients; we see ourselves as an integral part of their everyday life and feel privileged that our approach is able to help them achieve happy and healthy lives. Patients often proudly recommend their family, friends and business associates to “their” clinic.

We invite you to make a change in your life, and come and visit us at the Perth Natural Medical Clinic, where we will use all our resources to assist you in creating optimum health for yourself and your family.

Perth Natural Medical Clinic respects your right to privacy, particularly with regards to our extensive team of professionals of differing modalities. If you wish to see details of our privacy policy, please click here.