Perth Natural Medical Clinic

Excellence in Providing Wellness  - Naturally

We Are Here To Help You

Our highly experienced, professional team of Natural Therapy practitioners have each been chosen because they are outstanding in their field of expertise. We are confident that you will find within our team a caring practitioner who will guide you so that your health issues are improved and ultimately resolved. You can look forward to optimum wellness which we all desire in all aspects of life.

There are three areas we concentrate on that will compliment any lifestyle or treatment you may be on.


Busy modern lives need to be placed back into balance.


We need to freely move to enjoy life.


We need to release tension for relief and healing.

“We offer genuine care and concern for all our patients, passionately providing successful health outcomes, whenever possible."

Val Allen , Founder of PNMC and Principal Naturopath.

Clinical Expertise

Our practitioners have a broad range of experiences, expertise and specialisation developed from very personal beginnings, inspiring them to become the passionate professionals that they are today.

Our practitioners have all walked the path you may be on. They all have given back to the profession by teaching, lecturing and mentoring new practitioners, paying forward the continued support and trust that PNMC has received from its patients over the last 40 years.

The care, attention to detail, ethics and importantly empathy you will receive will be of the highest standard that we continually strive for and allows us to lead the way nationally.

 Remedial Massage Therapy

Reducing pain, discomfort and tension

Meet Our Team

It is not the practise or discipline that helps you, but the person who provides the treatment. Meet our dedicated team of natural health practitioners.

Val Allen

Dip.Ed., ND, Naturopath
Director & Founder of PNMC
Fellow & Life Member - Australian Natural Therapists Association

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Lesley Oakes

ND,  Naturopath / Thyroid, Hormones, Skin Health & Healthy Ageing

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Natalie Pickering

Dip.App.Sci. (Naturopathy), Dip, NFM
Naturopath / Natural Fertility and Women's Health Specialist

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Sam Botica

ND, Dip.Hom.,Dip.App.Sc.(Nat), Grad.Dip.Acup., Dip.RM
Naturopath / Gut, Autoimmune Health

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Melissa Hohaia

Adv.Dip.(Nat), Adv.Dip.(WHM), B.Sc.(Human Biology), Cert.(Health & Fitness)
Naturopath / Weight Loss

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Edward Enever

Naturopath / Chronic Disease Practitioner and Cancer Coach / Mentor

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Dr Kevin Roberts

B.Sc. Osteotherapy, (Univeristy College of Osteopathy, UK)

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Christabelle Phillips

B.Sc.(U.W.A.), B.Sc.Pod.(Curtin)., M.A.Pod.A.

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Barbara Beeck

Remedial Massage Therapist

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Marie Hopkinson

M IntlHlth(Curtin), CertIVTAA, ADTCM(Aust) CTCM(China)
Acupuncturist / Classical Tradicitional Chinese Medicine

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Melissa Beeck

B.Sc., Dip. Reflexology

Maximising Wellness Naturally

How are we different from orthodox medicine?

Our holistic gentle approach is one that divides some people. It is not to compete with orthodox medicine but compliment it. We are a gentle responder who looks at the individual as a whole and not just the symptoms.

We do not provide false promises of a cure and we do not take too much credit for natural recovery. We are your dedicated team to compliment your life in a natural way. All our practitioners will refer you on if they believe your symptoms warrant closer medical attention and they mindfully operate co-operatively in the complimentary space with orthodox medicine.

Look at us as natural health coaches, providing you balance, movement and release treatments for you to self heal and live life to the fullest. It is why we say we are providing excellence in wellness - naturally