Can Osteoporosis Be Reversed Using Natural Medicine?

By Val Allen, Naturopath – This recent case study of 7-year old Ruby proves this can be achieved after a 12- month treatment plan. Ruby’s mum sought my help in January 2016 for Ruby who had just been diagnosed with primary osteoporosis. Her lumbar spine showed 39% bone density and her hip 53% bone density. A stress fracture in her left lower leg and a second fracture in her foot pre-empted a bone density scan, which revealed an unusual problem for such a young girl.

The medical model of mineral infusions to correct osteoporosis didn’t appeal to the family, so we embarked on a more natural approach. Ruby’s family ate healthily, with lots of vegetables and fruit, few processed foods or sugar but Ruby wasn’t keen on meat and also experienced pain in her legs if she drank milk. Most of the family had issues with cow’s milk, so dairy alternatives were used.

osteoporosisBlood tests for Ruby revealed no obvious deficiencies of Vitamin D, Calcium or Magnesium, yet she was not growing strong bones despite being a very active, energetic girl. Osteoporosis means that bone structure is brittle and that the inside of the bone has a honeycomb appearance with lots of porous holes.

Ruby needed more protein so I recommended a protein shake made with whey protein powder, chia seeds and fruit and included more protein with meals. A specific bone strengthening formula was added – the tablets were crushed to facilitate taking them.

The wonderful result is that recently Ruby has amazed her Paediatricians by now showing no signs of osteoporosis.

Whilst she is still growing Ruby needs to remain physically active with weight bearing exercise, maintain a good level of protein in her diet and take a small amount of a Calcium/bone building supplement so that her strong bones will support her well through adulthood.

The vital key to reversing osteoporosis at any age requires very specific nutrients:-

Calcium hydroxyapetite – this provides naturally occurring bone growth factors and trace minerals to significantly increase bone mineral density. It is far superior to Calcium carbonate for reversing osteoporosis.

Phosphorus, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, phosphorus and trace amounts of zinc, selenium and boron are also needed to enhance bone repair and strength. These nutrients coupled with regular weight-bearing exercise usually create a good result.

Adults, especially post menopausal women can easily be affected by osteoporosis, so if you would like help in preventing or reversing this condition please make an appointment with one of PNMC’s practitioners who have many years of experience in this field. Children heal faster than adults, and it usually takes approximately two years to reverse adult osteoporosis.