Achieving Wellness Naturally

By Val Allen, Why is “Wellness” such an important word for patients in today’s world?

Wellness goes way beyond the old concept of health as it correctly encompasses all body areas – physical, mental and emotional. We now recognise that it is possible to have good physical health levels with excellent diagnostic and blood test results and still feel tired and miserable until the emotional, mental and physical activity levels are addressed.

Vitality, happiness, longevity and disease resistance are key components of wellness. When I wrote my book some years ago to help patients understand the concepts of wellness and energy and provide them with healthy recipes I was searching for a suitable title. My husband, Nigel, cleverly coined the book title “Very Wellness” and it seems that we were years ahead of industry thinking as this is now the major focus for health professionals!

Wellness is now promoted everywhere by clinics, the health food industry, pharmacies and health funds and it is fascinating that the word “wellness” now attracts an enormous amount of Google hits whereas the word “health” attracts far less.

At PNMC we pride ourselves on being industry leaders. We were one of the first clinics in Australia to integrate many different areas of professionally-trained practitioners to address patients’ differing needs to improve their wellness. With such a comprehensive team practising within the one clinic we are confident that we have the expertise to help you achieve “Very Wellness”.

Please take some time to browse our new website, click on our passionate practitioners’ videos and if you are not a patient at our clinic yet, I hope one of our practitioners may inspire you to make an appointment to start your journey to wellness.