Pain and How Osteopathy Helps


By Dr. Chris Rickson, Osteopath. Your body loves you, and protects itself by producing pain. You may not like the feeling of pain compared with love but that is the beauty of the duality you live in. Sun and Moon, Day and Night, Male and Female. You can’t have one without the other.

The brain releases happy hormones for you, making you feel better when you feel pain, and without pain you would not know you have burnt yourself on that oven– so pain is good. Pain lets you know when something is wrong. The more you keep running away from pain the more pain you will endure as you have not faced what your brain is trying to tell you.

Sometimes the brain creates a pain loop in the spine and brain and even when your pain is gone you still feel this pain. This is called chronic pain.

Osteopathy understands your pain and with around a dozen different treatment techniques there is at least one that is guaranteed to reduce your pain.

Also be aware that re-aggravating your pain will cause it to come back, so following the nutritional, postural and exercise advice your Osteopath has given you is also very important in ensuring a complete recovery.

Embrace your pain, as it is your survival mechanism for without it you would inevitably die.

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