How long will it take for me to feel better?

This varies depending on the severity of the health problem and how long it has been a problem. Natural remedies and dietary changes don’t provide instant results as it takes three to four months for the body to turn over a new cycle of stronger, healthier cells, however most patients notice improvements in energy, digestion and immune responses within seven to ten days.

Do acupuncture needles hurt?

Acupuncture needles are incredibly fine and most patients experience just a tiny pinprick sensation initially. If there is a lot of pain or inflammation at the needle insertion point, that sensation may persist for a few minutes, then it gradually fades away.

What is the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath?

An osteopath works on releasing and massaging soft tissue areas first. This often includes some dry needling for very tight areas, then the problem areas are gently mobilised. A ‘whole body’ approach is involved and posture and appropriate exercises are given. Treatments usually take thirty minutes where as chiropractic treatments are usually shorter.

Can pain be managed without drugs?

If poor body alignment is creating pain, this can often be alleviated with osteopathic, remedial massage treatment or acupuncture so that pain medication can be reduced or stopped. Arthritic or digestive pain can be addressed with corrective dietary changes and nutritional supplements.

Why do most probiotics need to be refrigerated and if they are mailed to me will they be damaged?

Probiotics are live organisms and most need relatively low temperatures to survive at maximum numbers. Some recently developed ones are heat stabilised and are useful to take if travelling. Our postal service includes a cold pack to protect the probiotic sent, but we know from our suppliers that our prescription strength probiotics can survive for at least 36 hours without refrigeration and remain at full strength. If inadvertently they are left out of the fridge for one day, they are still fine to use.

Why do naturopaths prescribe different remedies to those I can buy over the counter at the health shop or pharmacy?

Our naturopaths at PNMC are trained to a high standard recognised by the Federal Therapeutic Goods Department in Canberra and by Health Funds. They are authorised to prescribe nutritional supplements that have scientifically proven benefits to have a specific beneficial effect on health. This means that they are classed as ‘prescription strength’ and are much more potent than general over the counter products. They will have a much more dynamic and healing effect because of this and as such, need to be wisely dispensed. General health products are fine for general health and good for maintenance, however specific health problems require stronger and more effective levels of herbs or nutritional supplements.

Is it true that podiatry treatment can help posture and back pain?

Yes, definitely. Many patients have gained enormous relief from back pain from our PNMC podiatrist. Christabelle Phillip who specialises in correcting gait, postural alignment, foot and knee alignment and many patients have experienced great relief. Sometimes a combination of podiatry treatment coupled with remedial massage treatment or osteopathy improves outcomes even more.

Will natural remedies affect the medication my doctor has prescribed?

The training our PNMC naturopaths receive includes detailed information on how the herbs and nutritional supplements we use interact with the various types of prescription drugs currently in use. They must be told of any medication a patient is taking and this is always a major consideration when prescribing any natural remedies. Patients are encouraged to inform their doctor of any prescribed natural medication and all patients must seek their doctor’s approval before reducing or discontinuing prescription drugs.

Can I still see my doctor if I am seeing a naturopath?

Of course! Naturopaths are health and lifestyle coaches to improve your health and wellbeing. Your doctor will always be needed for acute and serious health problems, for surgery or accident needs and for regular check ups as you age.

I was told that when you see a naturopath, you get worse before you get better - is this true?

If a patient has a very congested, toxic digestive system which needs spring cleaning before it can function well, then there may be some mild headaches, sinus or fatigue during the first few days of a detoxification program. This usually clears quickly and is replaced by improved energy, less bloating and a more efficient digestive system.

Will I be a bit sore after an acupuncture session?

That is often relative to the condition treated. Pain levels normally are effectively reduced, but tender musculoskeletal areas may take a day or so to settle.

How much do I get back from private health?

All private health funds offer rebates for almost all our services.  Your level of membership determines your rebate, so you need to check with them personally.

Does Medicare cover anything?

Only GP services.  Our GP has recently retired and we are currently sourcing a new one.

What are the costs for a treatment?

These vary. Please refer to our Fee Schedule page on our website.

How long is the appointment?

These vary.  An initial consultation with a naturopath is a long consultation.  Look at our Fee Schedule page on our website which provides the scale of fees for different therapies and indicates the length of the appointment.

Do you have a GP?

Our GP recently retired and we are currently trying to source a new GP who will treat holistically and is very familiar with natural remedies.

What practitioner would suit my needs best?

Look at our ‘Practitioners’ link on our website.  There you will find an in depth video from each practitioner that discusses their special areas of practice.  From this you will find a suitable practitioner.  Our experienced front desk staff can also guide you in this process.

Does Val take on new patients?

Val tends to limit her area of new patients to those with serious health conditions or those seeking support whilst going through cancer treatment.  Unfortunately owing to her huge volume of existing patients it is difficult to admit new ones.  Most of our naturopaths have been at PNMC for more than 20 years, so they certainly are able to treat all health conditions and achieve good results.

What are your parking options?

PNMC has a large car park at the rear of our building in Broome Street, Highgate.  Street parking is also available and we do have one disabled parking bay close to our front entrance.

Your nearest landmark?

Our nearest landmark would be NIB Stadium on Lord St.  It is about 3 blocks away from the clinic.

Do you offer products on premises?

As a clinic providing prescription strength medication, most of our herbs and nutritional supplements require a prescription sheet from a naturopath or TCM practitioner in order for us to supply those products.  This could be from one of our own practitioners, or if you attend another clinic and have a prescription card from them, we can certainly supply you with products.  Our database can also check that you have been regularly supplied with certain products and then we can dispense them.  We do carry a range of over the counter products, herbal teas, natural cleaning products, skin products and health treats which of course require no prescription.

Can we just pop in and purchase products?

Yes, if you comply with the answer provided for the above question.  Therapeutic grade supplements require that you have an appointment with a practitioner in order to access them.

Do we need a referral before making an appointment with one of your practitioners?

No.  All our practitioners are available without a referral, however we do receive referrals from Allied professionals and GP’s for specific conditions.

What can a preconception IVF support program do to help the outcome of an IVF cycle?

Embracing a holistically developed, personalized preconception IVF support program will-

• Enhance the egg quality, providing the energy to begin division and enhance the cell membrane’s ability to accept sperm.
• Improve sperm count, morphology, motility and DNA integrity
• Modulate FSH production which can be raised and may cause cancellation of IVF cycles.
• Improve response to IVF drugs and reduce negative side effects.
• Modulate the immune response which can cause rejection of the embryo.
• Support the nervous system and adrenal function during and after the procedure.


Is naturopathic treatment compatible with ART procedures and the drugs used?

A naturopathic preconception program is compatible with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) when managed by a trained Natural Fertility Specialist.

Some natural therapies should not be taken along with the drugs prescribed during an IVF cycle, BUT – there are many remedies that are safe and effective during the cycle, significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome and reducing the side effects of IVF drugs.

The aim of my Natural IVF Support program is to integrate and compliment your IVF cycle holistically, ensuring a genetically healthy conception, a healthy pregnancy and birth and a bright, happy, healthy baby.