IVF Support Program

Perth Natural Medical Cinic’s Naturopath specialising in IVF Support is:

Natalie Pickering ND

Unfortunately natural conception for some couples can be a heartbreaking and stressful experience and the use of assisted reproductive technologies (IVF, IUI, ICSI) becomes necessary for them to achieve their dreams of a family.
Working in the field of natural fertility and IVF support for more than 17 years, I have assisted countless couples successfully through this process. A naturopathic approach compliments the process by reducing side effects of IVF and improving the outcome of treatments. Australian, American and UK research have demonstrated that correct preconception health care can increase IVF success rates by around 50%. Egg, sperm and embryo quality improves, implantation and overall success improves follows when 3-4 months of preparation occurs prior to start of cycle.
ART focuses mostly on a transport problem, ie getting a sperm and egg together so that fertilization  can take place, then the embryo is placed within the uterus where it will hopefully implant. What ART does not address is the quality of the sperm or egg, or the quality of the uterine lining in which the embryo is to thrive.
A naturopathic IVF support program specifically focuses on preparing the whole system so that the healthier egg and sperm come together at fertilization to create an embryo that then burrows deeply into a lush, nutrient rich uterine lining resulting in a stronger more viable conception. The Foresight study in the UK (2002-2009) found 3-4 months of preconception care more than doubled the success rates for IVF.

What can a preconception IVF support program do to help the outcome of an IVF cycle?
Enhance the egg quality; energy to begin division, cell membrane and ability to accept sperm.
Improve sperm count, morphology, motility and DNA integrity
Modulate FSH production which can be raised and may cause cancellation of IVF cycles.
Improve response to IVF drugs and reduce negative side effects.
Modulate the immune response which can cause rejection of the embryo.
Support the nervous system and adrenal function during and after the procedure.

Is naturopathic treatment compatible with ART procedures and the drugs used?

A naturopathic preconception program is compatible with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) when managed by adequately trained practitioners. There are many herbs that should not be taken at the same time as the drugs prescribed during an IVF cycle, there are also many remedies that are safe and effective during the cycle. This must be carefully managed by your practitioner which will support your best possible outcome.
The aim of my IVF Support program is to integrate and compliment your IVF cycle in a holistic manner, ensuring a genetically healthy conception, a healthy pregnancy and birth and a bright, happy, healthy baby.

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