Anti-Ageing Expertise Perth

Perth Natural Medical Clinic’s Naturopath specialising in Anti-Ageing is:

Lesley Oakes ND, ABAAHP Diplomate

Lesley is a Naturopath and Board Certified Anti-Ageing Practitioner with Australian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine.


What’s it all about?

Anti-Ageing is now fully researched and is fast becoming the most sought-after item in the field of natural medicine. Perth Natural Medical Clinic’s Lesley Oakes specialises in Anti-Ageing and Functional Medicine and offers this brief insight into the fascinating field of Anti-Ageing.

What is Anti-Ageing?

Generally speaking, there are two types of ageing – normal ageing and pathological (or accelerated) ageing. The field of anti-ageing medicine is concerned with decreasing the risk of all illnesses and conditions associated with accelerated ageing such coronary heart disease, inflammatory conditions, dementia, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, fatigue etc. No-one wants to live longer with debility or chronic illness or cognitive impairment, and early detection and treatment protocols can help prevent ageing-related dysfunction and disease.

What does Anti-Ageing medicine involve?

Optimising Hormonal Balance

Our hormones don’t decline because we age; the opposite is true – we age because our hormones decline. Optimal health and wellbeing for males and females can be maintained by ensuring an adequate and appropriate balance of hormone levels. Consequently the optimisation of hormonal balance is most important.

Evaluation of base-line hormone levels and ratios using saliva and urine testing can assist in providing an index of your body’s hormonal environment to determine if any of the symptoms which you are experiencing are associated with an imbalance or lack of specific hormones.

Thyroflex™ thyroid testing identifies whether your thyroid function is underactive or overactive, or within optimal range.

Vitality, Longevity & Healthy Ageing (VLA)

VLA is a scientifically validated method for accurately measuring some of the ‘biomarkers’ of ageing including body fat percentage, muscle mass, cellular health and biological age.

Nutritional Supplementation and Anti-oxidant Defence

A combination of the right nutrients that operate as a team rather than individual supplements used in isolation appears to have the strongest ability to curb the processes that lead to ageing.

To maximise your utilisation of nutritional supplementation, it is important to receive a personalised regimen matched to your individual health needs prepared by a suitably qualified practitioner.

Lifestyle and Dietary Modification

In addition to optimising your hormone profile and taking the appropriate nutritional supplements, diet and nutrition are key factors in living long and living healthy together with exercise and stress reduction. Certain diets and detoxification programs may be required.

Functional pathology testing is used to identify abnormal function and imbalance.

Tests available include:
Comprehensive Cardiovascular profile
Female and Male Extensive Salivary hormone profile
Adrenal hormone profile
Extensive Thyroid hormone profile
Comprehensive Digestive stool analysis
AA/EPA ratio – key essential fatty acids that modulate inflammation
Osteoporosis markers urine test
Hair Mineral Analysis – measures levels and ratios of Nutrients and Heavy Metals

Early testing and treatment protocols can help maintain good health for as long as possible delaying the onset of serious debility and increasing your healthspan, not just your lifespan!

‘You are as young as your hormones are active and your nervous system is strong’ – website of the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine

Anti-Ageing consultations are covered by most major health funds.