Cancer Coach/Mentor Perth

Perth Natural Medical Clinic’s  Cancer Coach/Mentor is Edward Enever

After himself defeating cancer three times, Edward Enever now uses his skills and experience to guide patients through their journey with cancer. From prevention, diagnosis, to remission, cure, or end of life transition, Edward is uniquely experienced to help make your journey with cancer as smooth and as effective as possible using his skills and experience in nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, counselling, life coaching and meditation to enhance health outcomes and complement traditional oncology care.

From Edward:

“I understand cancer, what it is to have lavendergirlcancer and what is needed to recover. I’ve done this three times now and helped many people to also recover from very poor odds. Let me help you to recover too. As I say to all my patients, it only takes one person to prove that it is possible – I did it, just as many others have, there’s no reason why you can’t too. I learnt many very important lessons about the true nature of health and disease on this journey and now in my role as a health professional, I use this knowledge to help others more than I ever could before.

On my journey I learnt that cancer effects more than just the physical body and is more than just a physical disease. The ripple effect of cancer affects your physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial and familial health. Just ask anybody who has been diagnosed with cancer. So, if cancer affects more than just physical health, then to treat and prevent it, you must treat more than just the physical body. Health is ultimately about balance – from the microcosmic existence to our macrocosmic experience of the life we live each and every day.  By bringing balance to our life we bring balance to our physiology preventing imbalance and the ensuing disease.

On my cancer journey I lost a lot of things, but I also gained something really special – a purpose. That purpose is to help someone like you prevent taking the path of chronic disease that I went down. I look forward to supporting and working with you.”

Edward Enever is a trained, accredited and experienced practitioner of Naturopathy, he is a Chronic Disease Coach, Meditation Teacher and a cancer survivor himself. Edward is affiliated with the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute in the United States and teaches the Gawler Foundations Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation. He treats people all over Australia and New Zealand as well as running preventative health retreats and regular meditation workshops and courses, is a regular presenter and is currently finishing his first book on health and cancer entitled ‘How I Loved My Cancer to Death – what I learnt from defeating cancer three times‘.

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