Children’s Health Services

Perth Natural Medical Clinic’s Naturopath specialising in Children’s Health is:

Natalie Pickering ND


Treating babies and children has always been a particular passion for Natalie, even more so now as a mother herself.

She believes that giving infants a strong healthy start in life helps to ensure a healthier childhood and adulthood. Guiding parents to create healthy, balanced diets: identifying where a child’s health is less than optimal, and treating infection and disease where necessary, using a naturopathic approach is immensely rewarding.

healthychildExperience has shown children respond well to herbal, homoeopathic and nutritional remedies for ailments ranging from allergies and infections to digestive disorders and behavioural problems.

Natalie understands the importance of supporting parents to make the changes required to assist a child’s return to wellness. She spends time guiding parents through food alternatives and new shopping habits, enjoys sharing successful recipes for fussy eaters and often has solutions for a child’s compliance problems.

Mums and Bubs Program

We recommend a program of 3 visits starting in the first few weeks after baby is born. These visits are designed to support mums through the early days of motherhood and babies through their first months. We will help answer your questions and maintain wellness for mum and bub.

First visit (week 2-3)
We discuss baby’s feeding and sleeping, baby’s growth. The breastfeeding relationship if breastfeeding including breastmilk production support and mastitis. Mum’s physical and emotional wellness and any specific concerns. Dads are very welcome to come along for all visits.

Second visit (week 8)
We time this visit after Mum’s return to her obstetrician, GP or midwife. We review blood results, discuss mum’s wellness and baby’s progress and any sleeping or feeding issues.

Third visit (5 months)
During this visit we will discuss a clear, comfortable method of food introduction and changing prescriptions for mum’s breastfeeding needs. This is a good time to check in on mum’s self care, creating a healthy balance between focus on baby’s needs and mum’s. This balance is commonly a difficult one to achieve and maintain and many mums will sacrifice their own wellness which can eventually impact on the whole family.

Interested but not sure?
Have your questions answered by booking a free 15 min. introduction phone call. Contact me, Natalie, at Perth Natural Medical Clinic 08 9328 9233.


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“Last winter wasn’t pleasant; my one-year old daughter Imogen was frequently sick either with colds, throat infections or nasty viruses. This year I took Imogen to my Naturopath, Natalie to see what I could do to boost Imogen’s immune system and prevent last year’s nightmare.

Natalie recommended the routine of a vitamin C powder and an immune-boosting herbal to be started well before winter’s arrival. I’m very happy to say we had a great 2008 winter; one or two minor headcolds that went away within a couple of days. Knowing we managed this naturally without vaccination was a great relief, giving me peace of mind knowing I’m giving my little girl a healthy start to life.”
Michelle, Millenden, WA

“I have been going to see Natalie for over 10 years. Over this time Natalie has not only optimised my general health and wellbeing but she has also significantly assisted me through two pregnancies, births and the post partum period.”

I now take my children to see Natalie. She has been able to help them through illnesses aswell as the usual problems, from teething to tonsils. Natalie not only treats problems as they arise but I believe she also helps avoid future illnesses by preventative means through looking at my children’s diet, lifestyle and taking a holistic approach to their health.

Natalie’s passion for natural therapies and her patients’ wellbeing is evident in her caring and compassionate nature. I have on several occasions recommended friends and family to see Natalie and a testament to Natalie’s professionalism and the results she achieves is that they have become return clients who recommend her to friends and family.”
Sharon, Shenton Park, WA