Weight loss that works Melissa Hohaia

Perth Natural Medical Clinic’s Naturopath specialising in Weight Management is:

Melissa Hohaia

Adv.Dip.(Nat), Adv.Dip.(WHM), B.Sc.(Human Biology), Cert.(Health & Fitness)

WEIGHT LOSS with eMErge Body Transformation 10-week Program

Melissa points out that we are continuously bombarded with information on the health risks associated with carrying excess body weight and given numerous ‘tips’ on how to lose those extra unwanted kilos. Whether we like it or not, there is no quick fix and often there are underlying reasons as to why the body doesn’t want to shift the excess weight.

During this 10-week program, Melissa is able to assist with the exploration, diagnosis, and correction of any underlying nutritional deficiencies or conditions that may be impacting on your ability to lose undesirable weight – such as blood sugar imbalances, thyroid hormone deficiencies, sex hormone imbalances, high stress levels, chronic inflammation, poor metabolism function. She is also able to work with clients wanting both fast results and gentler long-term weight control.

10-week-weight-management-solutions-imageBeing passionate about weight loss and more importantly ‘FAT-LOSS’ – as it is fat tissue that the body needs to get rid of – Melissa has combined years of study in various modalities (Naturopathy, Personal Training, Nutrition, and Herbal Medicine) to bring together a comprehensive plan to your ‘fat-loss’ journey.

Melissa personally designs her eMErge Body Transformation program to suit your individual requirements. She has had over 15 years experience as a personal trainer and nutritional adviser, where she has assisted many clients in achieving the healthy body they desire. All programs incorporate a balanced approach to diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

What you can expect from Melissa’s eMErge program: 

  • Comprehensive analysis of diet, lifestyle and exercise routines.
  • Monitoring with the most up-to date Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (BIA).
  • Guidance with exercise modifications and the incorporation of exercise into a weekly routine.
  • Nutritional supplementation to correct any deficiencies.
  • Herbal and/or nutritional supplements to support weight loss.
  • Realistic goal setting.
  • There is the option to add in comprehensive testing to identify underlying issues (e.g. hormonal imbalances).
  • Continual support and guidance along with the modification of the approach depending on results and your needs.

The program is designed to suit you! It can either be based on making slow subtle changes or drastic changes – the decision is always yours!

Cost for the entire program is $629 – health rebates are available.

(Payment plan option is available)

My journey to wellness with eMErge…by Shannon Hutton…

I have just finished the 10 week eMErge program with Mel and wanted to share my story with others who may be considering the program or seeking the support of a natural practitioner to improve health.

I first started seeing Mel in late October 2016 having made the decision to take action about my health issues – I had reached a point where I was suffering daily with horrible digestive issues; bloating and nausea, severe headaches and struggling to lose weight, no matter what I tried. I was feeling miserable every single day and reached the point where enough was enough!  I felt overwhelmed, broken and like a bit of a failure.

Skip ahead 10 weeks and I am proud of what I have achieved. I have eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet, following a food and symptom diary, and am surprised at how easy I have found this change with Mel’s support and guidance. I found I can substitute some of the foods I used to enjoy, so I never feel deprived. I enjoy preparing meals now, trying out new recipes and experimenting with herbs and spices. I have increased my physical activity and incorporated a resistance circuit routine tailored just for me, based around equipment that I have at home. I am continuing to work on balancing my hormones and being kind to my liver, however the benefits of the program to date include freedom from my horrible digestive issues; a significant reduction in headaches (frequency, duration and severity), reduction of PMT symptoms, weight loss, improved mood, sleeping better and increased energy and vitality.

Whilst I appreciate this is my story and it may not resonate with or be the same for everyone, what I have really appreciated on my journey is the holistic approach to healing, the support and guidance that this program (& Mel!) have offered and I now feel I am able to listen to my body and better understand what it is telling me and what it needs. I have the tools and knowledge to make better lifestyle choices. For me, this is just the beginning of my journey to wellness, but all I can say if you are considering the 10 week program or the seeking the support of a naturopath, you don’t have anything to lose (apart from weight!) and so much to gain (health, wellness and vitality)!



Are you a woman who is overwhelmed and exhausted?

Feeling like life is a struggle and your body isn’t keeping up?

So many women I see are all struggling with the same thing – feeling exhausted, burnt-out, and like they have no more to give. As females, we seem to collectively struggle with weight gain, never-ending stresses, poor sleep, foggy brain function, low sex drive, mood swings, hormone imbalances, and an overriding feeling of unexplainable fatigue. It appears to go with the feminine territory that we often sacrifice ourselves to look after others – and this can often be to the detriment of our own health. This can leave us feeling like our reserve tank is empty and that we have nothing left for ourselves at the end of the day. We have given all we can give, and it still doesn’t seem like enough. How do we reclaim the energy and vitality we desire, to cope with the day-to-day demands, and then still have enough left over at the end of the day to feel completely proud of who WE are?

Here is your answer…

The ‘Burnt-out 2 Bombshell’ 12 week program will not only show you how to boost your energy levels, but also help you get back an enthusiasm for life and be the best version of YOU. Created by Melissa Hohaia, a sought after Naturopath and Personal Trainer specialising in energy optimisation and body transformation. The program is a modern-day woman’s survival guide – which empowers you with all the knowledge and tools you need to transform your body on the inside and the outside – gain physical and emotional strength, balance your hormones, reclaim sexual vitality, and elevate your energy. It provides all of the tools, support, and guidance to start making achievable changes that will allow you to achieve your goals with the specialised integration of targeted testing, lifestyle and food modifications, and individualised treatment strategies (including therapeutic supplementation).

What you get on the program…

When you sign up for the program you will enter into the most comprehensive, all-inclusive, fusion of clinical testing, lifestyle, diet, nutritional, and supplementation advice. The program’s formula is the successful culmination of years of proven research, clinical experience and life knowledge. It is personalised to you so that any unique requirements are considered and adjusted for.

Once you are registered for the program you will receive…

  • 12 weeks of invaluable information delivered into your email inbox every week. The content of these emails has been created from years of clinical practice and it would require more than 20+ Naturopathic appointments for this information to be passed on – you are saving so much time and streamlining your journey – meaning that you can reach your goals faster!
  • An initial ‘Bombshell Foundation Session’ – We kick off your ‘bombshell’ journey by going extensively through your health concerns and symptoms – comprehensive questioning, and the initiation of blood and saliva testing will begin to uncover your specific and individual health situation. We will start to uncover what support and guidance you will need to transform and move your health in the right direction.
  • SIX 1-hour personal ‘Bombshell Coaching Sessions’ – these can be arranged over the phone, skype, or at the clinic as required.
  • Over $500.00 worth of comprehensive testing to identify your drivers of fatigue and identify any imbalances that could be responsible for your symptoms.
  • UNLIMITED email support.
  • ALL required motivational material – including charts, meal plans, food inspiration recipes, exercise planner, and questionnaires.
  • Exercise advice and individualised programming if required.
  • Access to a supportive private Facebook group – so you can connect with other bombshells!
  • Reliable tracking of your progress and celebration of your successes!
    Please see the Burnt-out 2 Bombshell website for more information – www.burnt-out2bombshell.com (please provide link) or follow Melissa’s Work on Facebook – www.facebook.com/burnt-out2bombshell, where you can stay up to date with her latest tips, tricks, and recipes.If you are interested in the program but would like to discuss if it is right for you with Melissa, please book in for an initial Naturopathic consult with PNMC reception. In this appointment you will have the chance to go over all of your health concerns and then explore the best approach.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


Are you a woman who is confused about her hormones?
Do you have a sense that things aren’t quite right?

Melissa Hohaia is now offering the chance to bring light to your hormones and demystify your puzzling hormonal symptoms. Investigate things properly before they cause major health issues!

Included in the Work-up:

  • Complete Female Hormone Saliva testing
  • Adrenal (Cortisol) Profile Testing – Saliva
  • Blood tests done for comprehensive Thyroid Function and Blood Sugar Screening, along with specific nutritionals.
  • Temperature Collection Chart
  • Questionnaires x 3 for symptom information gathering
  • A Consult with either Melissa or Natalie to go through all the results and provide you with treatment options if required.

The Findings of the above results will be presented in a personalised folder with a summary report detailing the areas of imbalance.  These will be discussed in your first meeting with Melissa Hohaia, where you will be given the option of follow-up consultations to address your health concerns with a personalised treatment plan to regain hormonal harmony.

All of this $427.00!

*Private Health Rebates DO Apply

To start your ‘Hormonal Work Up’ please email

Perth Natural Medical Clinic – admin@pnmc.com.au

Empower yourself with information and do something about your hormones before they become a major problem.  You don’t have to wait for a crisis to occur – you can do something today – it’s your hormonal prevention plan.  Your health is worth it!