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Naturopathy is the key to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Val Allen - Naturopath in Western AustraliaNatural Therapy, or Naturopathy, treats each patient holistically and endeavours to help you attain a high level of energy and wellness, physically, mentally and emotionally. During a consultation, a naturopath will discuss your health history including any surgical procedures undertaken, present and past medication, as well as listening carefully to any symptoms you describe. Their observations of you will take in your entire appearance, including skin, hair, fingernails, tongue, iris, walking gait and any dark circles beneath the eyes. Our specialists will study these for any clues to your physical or mental complaints. They will use this diagnosis to aid the practitioner in assessing your underlying causes of poor health or associated symptoms. Contact us to book an appointment at our Perth clinic.

Who can benefit from Naturopathy? Val Allen explains:

Patients often see a naturopathic practitioner because they feel tired or experience poor work performance, rather than for a specific disease. Sometimes lethargy, skin problems, digestive issuesor inflammatory conditions are the result of poor diet, food sensitivities or emotional states. Sometimes, skeletal or soft tissue problems complicate health problems and these issues need to be addressed separately.

Natural Therapy Services in Western Australia

There are various aids used by practitioners to help in their understanding and assessment of each case. Iridology can provide insight from the colour, texture and nerve tissue markings revealed in the iris and sclera of the eye; while Bio-Impedance Analysis can provide insight into the body’s biological age and the vitality of muscle and cellular activity. A homoeopathic study can also be valuable.
Each naturopath at PNMC is fully trained in nutrition, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements,and some also practise Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Their focus is on optimising your diet to achieve weight loss and improve your health. Our skilled practitioners will select an appropriate regime of herbal, or nutritional supplements and dietary programs to correct any health problems and improve wellness.

Our team of professional and experienced naturopaths:

Val Allen Dip.Ed., ND
Lesley Oakes ND, FAARM,  ABAAHP Diplomate
Natalie Pickering ND
Sam Botica Dip.Hom., ND
Melissa Hohaia Adv.Dip.(Nat), Adv.Dip.(WHM), B.Sc.(Human Biology), Cert.(Health & Fitness), ND
Edward Enever Adv.Dip.(Nat)

All our naturopaths are accredited by the Australian Natural Therapists Accreditation Board and are registered by the Federal Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, which allows them to prescribe high-potency therapeutic nutritional supplements designed to correct health problems as opposed to relatively low dosage nutritional supplements which are available over the counter. This ensures patients receive effective and affordable treatments.

Naturopathic Clinic in Perth

As a Naturopathic clinic, we seek natural remedies for weight loss and pregnancy issues among other complaints. We always seek holistic and natural remedies, but we also work in conjunction with other medical health practitioners to assure you of the most optimal care possible. We can also conduct naturopath blood tests at out clinic if need be.

WA’s Family Clinic

Whether the patient is a young child, an active sportsperson, a busy mum, an overworked executive, a pregnant lady or an elderly frail patient, appropriate help is available to improve the energy and health quality for each individual.

Naturopathic consultations are covered by most major health funds.

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