Skin Health/Cosmetic Nutrition – Lesley Oakes

Perth Natural Medical Clinic’s Naturopath specialising in Skin Health/Cosmetic Nutrition is:

Lesley Oakes ND,  ABAAHP Diplomate



The largest human organ, Skin is our first line of protection from the outside and a reflection of everything that is going on inside of us.

Common Skin Conditions Include:

Eczema – an inflammation of the skin. Can effect individuals with a family history of allergies.

Acne – an inflammatory disease of the skin that effects the area’s which contain the largest sebaceous glands. Can be a hormonal trigger.

Psoriasis – an immune mediated inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by red, scaly patches. Psoriasis tends to flare with weakened digestion and exposure to environmental stressors and toxins.

Rosacea – an inflammatory skin disorder usually beginning in middle age. It begins with flushing and redness due to small surface blood vessels. Triggers can include alcohol, spicy food and hot drinks.

Treatment of skin problems is very individualized and may include any of the following:-

  • reducing inflammation
  • improving overall immune tolerance 
  • supporting the lymphatic system/detoxification
  • pathways to clear wastes effectively
  • rebalance the gut micro-biome
  • improve the skin barrier integrity
  • balance hormones and support issues
  • support healing and repair


Thinking of having a cosmetic procedure? Then give your body the nutritional support it needs.

Nutritional support for use with acne treatments, microdermabrasion, for surgical procedures and tissue repair or as a standalone internal age-management strategy.

Cosmetic nutrition works to rebalance and replenish your body with nutrients that support collagen production and skin integrity, reduce inflammation and scarring, support healing processes and hormonal balance and provide antioxidant protection.