‘You just know when you meet one of life’s true healers…… When I first found Edward, I was desperate for some direction to help me with my health. Having been diagnosed many years ago with two autoimmune diseases that caused me a myriad of often debilitating symptoms, which, eventually saw me lose my fitness, gain weight, give up my career and my home, I had spent years trying to cope and heal myself. Though I was a living on a wholesome diet and trying many other ways to heal, I just didn’t seem to be making any great headway and despite my efforts and strong will, my symptoms got worse. There were days I could hardly walk and when my gut was so inflamed that even a mouthful of food would send me into a week of gut pain, extreme bloating and toilet dependency. The first thing Edward did was hear my story with a genuinely down to earth and compassionate ear. Communication was always easy and I got a real sense of Edward’s dedication and knowledge. We discussed my situation in great depth and then Edward came up with a comprehensive game plan. It was presented to me in the form of a detailed booklet compiled by Edward where all my health issues were discussed. I finally felt like I had a sense of direction and a feeling of support like I’d not felt in all my years of attending medical appointments. With every appointment with Edward, I listened eagerly and would go home and follow Edwards suggestions to the letter. I still have a way to go but I am happy to say that already, my pain is less and the unhealthy relationship with my toilet is a past memory. Woohoo! Edward is real, honest, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable and I know that he really gets it. I thank you Edward, I feel blessed that I was able to find you. I have so much more to learn from you and can’t wait to continue to find the health and life within with your guidance”.