“Following a colonoscopy in February 2015 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis by my gastroenterologist. I was commenced on a standard treatment of medication but was offered no dietary guidelines. In fact I was told that I “could eat what I liked” as it would have little impact on the condition and healing of my bowel.
In the weeks that followed my condition saw some improvement but I was far from symptom free. Like most chronic health conditions there is was significant impact on my daily life and I was keen to experience a more palpable level of relief from the illness.
Fortunately for me I was able to access Val Allen for treatment a few months after my initial diagnosis. She immediately commenced me on a treatment program, primarily of probiotics (Ultra Flora SB Dysbiosis and Probex), and recommended some dietary guidelines that would aid in the healing of my bowel.
Shortly after commencing my treatment with Val Allen I returned to my gastroenterologist for my follow up review. He informed me at this time that (following 6 months of medication) there was little chance that I would have any further improvement in my condition. He also stated that the medication I was on was would merely maintain the state of health that my bowel had reached at that time. This was alarming to me as while I had experienced an improvement I was far from symptom free.
In the months that followed I continued to take both my gastroenterologist prescribed medication and maintained the treatment plan outlined by Val Allen. Since this time I have experienced a steady and relieving improvement in the ulcerative colitis and am at the point now where I am virtually symptom free and I am able to eat a “normal diet”. In fact most days the only time I am reminded that I have ulcerative colitis is when I take my medication. I have little doubt that the leap in improvement I experienced in the health of my bowel over these last months was primarily due to the courses of probiotics prescribed by Val Allen and her dietary recommendations.
In the next month I am returning to my gastroenterologist for my annual review. I am very much looking forward to informing him of the significant improvement I have had in my condition since he last saw me 6 months ago when he told me that I had little hope for any further improvement. I am now pain free and my bowel function is relatively normal.
Thank you Val. Your treatment and dietary recommendations have seen me return to a quality of life that at this time last year I found hard to imagine and was told wouldn’t be possible.”