“I’ve been thinking how selfish I’ve been. I’ve been coming to your Clinic for well over 25 years and I’m now 50. You solved my acne problem back in the early eighties without drugs when the medical profession had no answer. From that point on I always had full confidence in your advice and you’ve never let me down.I came to you recently and mentioned casually that after SKG scans it became apparent that I had a serious full thickness tear in my shoulder tendon along with bone degradation. I didn’t expect much response because I thought it was out of your area of expertise and I’d been told that surgery was probably the only solution; but again you said you could help. You said you had a new technique – of course I would always trust your advice but this was a big injury (I couldn’t rotate my arm).
I can’t believe it, I am swimming again and the shoulder feels great. (I have cancelled the appointment with the surgeon). I must thank Lauren who has administered the treatment and who has given me so much support.
Val, you have worked so very hard over so many years and I believe that the ‘Wellness” Centre you have created there in Lord Street is Awesome and I feel blessed that my Mum strongly pointed me in your direction when I was a silly young man (you remember!) and you should be very proud of what you have achieved and what you are still achieving.”